Improv duet Rowland Sutherland and Kate Shortt

Ethereal World - Performed live at Ethereal World's London Jazz Festival 2017 club night at Jazzlive at The Crypt, London, November 2017

Rowland Sutherland (flutes), Jackie Walduck (vibes), Kate Shortt (cello), Dominic Lash (bass). With special guests Jason Yarde (sop & alto sax) and Ed Jones (sop & ten sax).

Improv 7 - Ethereal World at Iklectik - Ethereal World ensemble
Ethereal World with Ansuman Biswas at Iklectic Art Lab, London.

Track: Improv 7 23.7.16

As heard on the radio shows Jazz Then and Now on Jazz London Radio and Jazz Is... on Pure Jazz Radio, New York, both presented by Chris Hodgkins

Improv 6 - Ethereal World at IklectikEthereal World ensemble
Improv duet Jackie Walduck and Ntshuks Bonga

Ethereal World - All tracks performed live at i'Klectik Art Lab, London, July 2016.

Rowland Sutherland (flutes), Jackie Walduck (vibes), Ntshuks Bonga (soprano and alto sax), Cath Roberts (baritone sax), Dominic Lash (bass). With special guest, Ansuman Biswas (perc).

Recorded and mastered by Saint Austral Sound